Net-Zero roadmap

Discover 3 milestones towards net zero highways

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We all are aware of how global warming is harming our mother earth; we are heading towards a complete depletion. If we want to save ourselves and our generations from coming, we need to start helping us.

Thanks to the UK Government, they are already serious about this matter. They have proposed specific commitments to achieve a net-zero future by 2050. However, a significant role in its journey towards success is going to be played by Highways England. They have already started working on it to make their region completely free of carbon emissions! How? Well, let us check some highlights of their proposed plan;

As per the roadmap of Highways England, their major aim is the fast decarbonisation of major A roads and motorways of England by 2050. It helps the UK government achieve net-zero targets by decarbonising its transport. Roads are considered as the high-carbon and inefficient form of transportation than rail or other modes of transports.

It is a fact that more than 75% of freight goods and a higher number of passengers in the UK are travelling by road. Hence, their plan aims to meet the 100% greener transport that net-zero roads can do.

A brief on the Highways England roadmap towards net zero future

Highways England is focusing on three core commitments. It is to help the UK and its citizens achieve a complete decarbonised future;

  • Optimising its own operations is the first stage in the roadmap to achieve a complete Decarbonisation plan by 2030.
  • To deliver solutions to make UK’s road maintenance and construction process emit zero carbon by 2040.
  • The third stage would be to support England’s roads network. It is to attain completely zero-carbon travel by 2050.

How would Highways England conquer its first milestone towards a net zero future?

First milestone

Here are some significant points to consider;

  • 75% of the vans or cars belonging to Highways England’s will be hybrid or electric till 2025.
  • They will reduce 75% of its corporate emissions by 2025.

By 2027, 70% of the total streetlights on the Highways England roads will be powered by LEDs.

  • Till 2030, all the lands nearby or on the Highways England will be planted by 3 million trees.
  • By the same year, i.e. 2030, the Highways England land would have electricity generation units. These will produce 10% of their electricity using renewable sources.

A certified renewable tariff is used from 2020 to buy 100% electricity for Highways England.

Second milestone: keys points to meet zero emissions in maintenance and construction of roads

Following are the part of their proposed plan;

Highways have key specifications mandatory for their road contractors and designers by 2022. These are DMRB (A manual to design bridges and roads) and MCHW (A manual including contract documents about Highway Works). They will also impose complete decarbonisation on its suppliers. All these should be followed as mandatory by 2025.

  • Every construction plant, including the compounds, must be zero emissions by 2030.
  • Highways are aiming to lessen their emissions by 10% by 2025. The next sub-milestone would be to attain a 40-50% by 2030, 70-80% reduction in emissions by 2035, and 100% carbon-free by 2040.
  • They will start their first scheme for the near-zero roads to begin in 2025 and will be in operation till 2035.
  • They are going to publish a near-zero roadmap of construction in 2022.

Third milestone: an approach for the users or public emissions on roads

Highways have started to take steps to conquer the following;

– They have a plan to develop a robust modal shift program. It includes integrating cycling, walking, and rail infrastructure with the road network.

– By the end of 2022, they will publish 100% carbon-free HGV trails as their proposed approach.

– Highways is also going to publish a blueprint by 2023 mentioning EV charging services on its roads.

Highways England are also aiming to stretch the limits of the road network at present. They will also lessen the new construction via Smart Motorway Initiative.

Bottom line

There are many commitments of Highways to help the UK reach its net-zero future. However, a detailed plan is yet to be revealed. A wider government strategy should give a clear idea about how England’s 100% free carbon roads will be seen.

After going through the above figures, you might also get inspired by the UK’s approach towards saving Mother Nature in the future. It does not matter whether you are an individual, group, or a firm! We all can do something from our side and contribute to making this earth completely free from carbon emissions in the next few decades.

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