The next 10 to 15 years will present major opportunities for consumer companies, thanks to the rise of the consumer class in cities globally.

As consumers become more aware of their carbon footprint, many will consider brands with a track record of meeting their sustainability targets. Terms such as natural, green and eco-friendly are no longer a marketing slogan, but a must-have feature for every product and shoppers are now looking for evidence. 

There is a growing demand for goods and services with a reduced environmental impact. Companies that minimise their carbon emissions have an advantage, creating an opportunity for differentiation based on sustainable practices. Hence, it is fair to say that one factor that can slow a company’s growth is poor sustainability performance, measured in environmental and social impact.

Supply chains have a much more significant impact on global carbon emissions than individuals. If your organisation has inefficient processes or uses unsustainable packaging materials, there is a good chance your business has a significant carbon footprint.

Roadwai AI-powered net-zero optimisation platform helps you harness the power of data to finds gaps, abnormalities and to make critical business decisions such as utility procurement or allocating a new budget.


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