One of the most publicised and immediate impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic was and still is the impact on supply chains. The worldwide production and supply chain system is mostly disrupted due to the widespread coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Most industrial managers and policymakers are searching for adequate strategies and policies to revamp production patterns and meet consumer demand. The spike in e-commerce and the growth of last-mile delivery and demand for next- and same-day service pushes logistics beyond traditional ways of running the business. The two takeaways from 2020 are as follow:

  1. A sustainable supply chain needs to become a business priority.
  2. The digitalisation of the supply chain with a higher focus on last-mile deliveries and e-commerce carriers 

The post-COVID world presents an opportunity to re-invest in a new way. There is a major opportunity for investment in more sustainable operation models that will be far more resilient against future global disruptions.

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