Designed to help you meet your net-zero targets

We help companies to achieve their 2030 reduction of carbon footprint target. Our solution enables you to capture, analyse and optimise carbon emission data across your operations and supply chain.
Our AI-powered platform helps you identify opportunities to reduce GHG, and reduce your transport carbon footprint.


reduction in greenhouse
gas emissions by 2030

Net zero

emissions by 2050
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Roadwai Net-Zero ai platform supply chain carbon offset carbon management accounting

Our solution helps you achieve your sustainability targets

Accurate assessment

Efficiently track your progress towards sustainable targets with a consolidated database from every step of the supply chain.

Continuous improvement

Actively monitor trends and compare your progress against national and international standards such as DEFRA, GHG Protocol, EIA, EPA, and NGERS.

Intelligent optimisation

Methodically, analyse and identify opportunities to optimise and execute your energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives with our AI-powered platform.

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Our technology is more than just a calculator

Comprehensive carbon footprint tracker system

Our platform is not just a set of tools and calculators. Our platform helps you track, monitor, and analyse every brand, product, and item from factories to consumers’ door.

  • All-in-one platform
  • Monitor, analyse and optimise your sustainability targets
  • Identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Report with confidence
Roadwai Net-Zero ai platform supply chain carbon offset carbon management accounting
Roadwai Net-Zero ai platform carbon management accounting
AI-powered net-zero optimisation platform

Harness the power of data with our AI-generated analytics to finds gaps, abnormalities and to make critical business decisions such as utility procurement or allocating a new budget.

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